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Saturday, September 03, 2011

Was in Hong Kong for the InDpanda International Short Film Festival 2011

I was in Hong Kong from the 24th to the 28th of August for the InDpanda International Short Film Festival, where my short films, INHALATION and EXHALATION, were part of the opening and closing programs. Here's me with the festival founders Henry Chan and Jonathan Hung.

With festival founders Jonathan Hung and Henry Chan

I attended the closing program on the 25th of August, almost exactly a year after my previous visit at the festival (when my little-seen short, THE WHITE FLOWER, was screened).

Schedule for Hong Kong InDPanda International Short Film Festival 2011

And did the Q and A session for EXHALATION.

Q and A session for Exhalation at Hong Kong InDPanda

Since its world premiere in Dubai last December. I've done six Q and A sessions for EXHALATION (twice in Dubai, twice in Rotterdam, and twice in Jeonju... you can watch videos of these sessions here). Anyway, session no. 7 was a little different because I did it in Cantonese, and it wasn't that easy to talk about my films in Cantonese compared to English! (I'll upload videos of it soon, when I get to edit it and make myself look less rambling.) After the screenings, there was a mini-celebration of sorts with the festival directors and the other filmmakers of the closing program.

Me, dad, Indpanda festival directors Henry and Jonathan, and the Taiwanese filmmakers From left to right: Dad, me, Ether Yan (cinematographer of the short, 'Afternoon'), Vivi Chen (director of the short, 'Afternoon'), festival directors Henry and Jonathan, and Cape No. 7 lyricist Matthew Yen 嚴云農 ! (the one who took the photo was camera-shy Li Chun-Hong, experimental filmmaker)

The stay in Hong Kong had been great. It's my second time in the city this year (was there for the Hong Kong International Film Fest in March) and I find myself falling more and more in love with the place. Of course, the food had been great.

delicious Hong Kong dim sum

The scenery at night constantly made my heart skip a bit. After all, are they not the buildings I have been looking at as I grow up? All those Hong Kong films I've seen, all those TV dramas?

Some building at Yau Ma Tei
Nathan Road, Hong Kong

It's almost as if I've known the city for an eternity. After the screenings of the festival, I also attended a special screening of Woody Allen's new film MIDNIGHT IN PARIS.

Midnight in Paris postcardAt the MIDNIGHT IN PARIS guest screening reception

I really enjoyed the film. After all, I, too, fantasize living in Paris during the Roaring Twenties, hanging out with the likes of Hemingway, Picasso, Salvador Dali, Bunuel, F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald, while Cole Porter croons in the background. I admire the fact that at this age, Woody Allen is still doing a film every year, and many of his recent films are so enjoyable. I remember during my Perth days, I went to the cinema alone to catch MATCH POINT, while that was also the time when I watched ANNIE HALL for the very first time. Watching the latter while nursing a broken heart was an indescribable experience.