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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Rest in peace, Kaneto Shindo

The Japanese director Kaneto Shindo passed away yesterday at the age of 100.

I remember him most clearly from the closing ceremony of the Tokyo International Film Festival 2010. That day, he received the Best Director award for his very last film POSTCARDS. During his acceptance speech, the then 98-year-old director would announce his retirement from filmmaking.

Kaneto Shindo speaks

I actually managed to catch his speech on video.

That, along with TIGER FACTORY receiving the special jury mention, were among the most memorable moments of the ceremony for me. That was also the closest I've ever gotten to this .

Reading about his death, I could only immediately remember that moment again.

I tried to look at his filmography to see whether I have seen any of his films. Sadly, and to my shock, I haven't seen any. His two most well-known films had been THE NAKED ISLAND or ONIBABA.

I am going to rectify this immediately by watching THE NAKED ISLAND now, in his honour. Rest in peace, Kaneto Shindo. How awesome it is, to be able to make films until you were almost a hundred years old.