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The 1st Tiny Pupil screening @ Nara International Film Festival 2012

楊毅恆 冬天、最后的碎片 北海道短片展獲獎 (中國報) Edmund Yeo's LAST FRAGMENTS OF WINTER wins award in Hokkaido (China Press, 22/9/2012)

楊毅恆執導短片‧日本獲獎 (星洲日報) Edmund Yeo's Short Film Wins Award in Japan (Sin Chew Daily, 21/9/2012)

LAST FRAGMENTS OF WINTER receives Japan Tourism Agency Commissioner Award @ Sapporo Short Film Fest

The 1st LAST FRAGMENTS OF WINTER screening @ Nara Film Fest 2012

Nara International Film Festival 2012, I muse about Nara and "Yuanfen"

Short films about the March 11th earthquake and tsunami @ Sapporo Film Fest 2012

Exploring Otaru 小樽市

Hokkaido Selection @ Sapporo Short Fest 2012

The 1st LAST FRAGMENTS OF WINTER screening @ Sapporo Film Fest 2012

Arriving at the Sapporo Short Film Fest 2012 opening ceremony

Off to Hokkaido, a place I often fantasize and romanticize

This mysterious pile of CDs I have been going through...

On Borges, Eco, Calvino, Marquez... and McDull