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Monday, September 09, 2013

A stroll through Ginkakuji Temple and the Philosopher's Path

By the time this is posted on the blog, I am a few hours away from flying back to Malaysia.

On Saturday, I got sidetracked by cheerleaders and cosplayers at Heian Temple, and then by a great art exhibition at the National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto, when I was on my way to Ginkaku-ji 銀閣寺, the Temple of Silver Pavilion. By the time I reached Ginkaku-ji in the evening, I was already closed.

Therefore, Sunday, my final day in Kyoto, I decided to rectify this regret of mine by heading straight to Ginkaku-ji right after lunch.

To experience the place for myself.

So I entered Ginkakuji (which is officially known as Jisho-ji 慈照寺).

Entering Ginkakuji Temple

Bamboos and trees

The first thing I saw was its incredible sand garden.

The famous sand garden, Ginshadan

The single-storey Togudo 東求堂 building, which is a national treasure.

Togudo, a national treasure

The Kannon-den, hiding behind the beautiful trees.

Kannonden peeking behind the trees

The garden of Ginkaku-ji was like a painting, I needed to take a video snapshot of it, to remember.

I continued following the route that took me past its moss garden.

Bamboo forest

Past a mini waterfall that had became a wishing well.

Walking up the hill behind Ginkakuji
Walking up a hill, until I could see the entire temple from the top.

View of Ginkakuji from top of the hill

Then I continued my way, and I was back at the entrance again, seeing the temple buildings from up close.

Satisfied with what I saw, I left the temple.

Leaving Ginkakuji

And started walking through the Philosopher's Path as I have intended the day before. At first, I was listening to music, the songs of Pizzicato 5 and Ego-Wrappin' seemed like great companions as I walked. But ultimately, I thought to just take my earphones away so I could listen to the gentle sounds of water.