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Chile (Part 9): Visiting Pablo Neruda's Last House - Isla Negra

Chile (Part 8): Visiting Pablo Neruda's Second House - La Sebastiana In Valparaiso

Chile (Part 7): Seafood Scam and Glamourous Awards Ceremony

Chile (Part 6): Rediscovering Santiago And The Meaning of Film Festivals

Chile (Part 5): Visiting Pablo Neruda's House - La Chascona And Learning Spanish

Chile (Part 4): THE ELEPHANT AND THE SEA screening at SANFIC

Chile (Part 3): Hu Shu goes missing before his I WANT TO DANCE screening

Chile (Part 2): THE ELEPHANT AND THE SEA screening got canceled!

Chile (Part 1): Arriving at the Santiago International Film Festival, meeting Leonor Varela!