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Haruki Murakami - The Wind-up Bird Chronicle

Failure To Launch

Scary Movie 4 is LOL-inducing sometimes

My very first attempts at video editing + Kahimi Karie

Cultural Uniqueness or Stereotypical Caricature?

Is height an issue in relationships?

Koda Kumi's 4-part music video miniseries: YOU, FEEL, LIES, SOMEDAY

L'Enfant (The Child) by Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne

Tsotsi by Gavin Hood

Minds Blown Apart By Sigur Ros' Perth Concert

Finding inspiration in J-pop music videos

Haruki Murakami - The Elephant Vanishes

V For Vendetta

Inspired by awesome Perth artist Shaun Tan

Kenny Sia Appearing In Upcoming Erotic Thriller. Urgh, my eyes.

Dawn Yang's Boyfriend. EXPOSED!!!

Someone's 2004 April Fool Prank.

Someone's 2003 April Fool Prank.

Spike Lee's Inside Man