Rest in peace, Theo Angelopoulos

Two of my shorts, LAST FRAGMENTS OF WINTER and GIRL IN THE WATER at Rotterdam International Film Festival 2012

A simple reunion dinner @ my home (Chinese New Year 2012)

Hiroshi Teshigahara's films and Ikebana

My segment in '60 Seconds of Solitude in Year Zero' also mentioned in NEGATIV

I was mentioned in Hollywood Reporter's review of '60 Seconds of Solitude in the Year Zero'

Thousands of balloons in the air during the countdown to 2012 @ Zojo-ji Temple, Tokyo

A somewhat nightmarish dream I had to end the year 2011.

Kultuurikatel - The place where Andrei Tarkovsky shot STALKER

60 Seconds of Solitude At Year Zero screening @ Port of Tallinn

Quick Tour in Tallinn Old Town