[Photo] Mmm, good chicken rice place.

[Photo] Yet another Beijing photo from last December

[Photo] Superheroes everywhere...

[Photo] Walking past Meiji Shrine on New Year's Eve

[Photo] Another Beijing photo from last December

[Photo] Found some old Beijing photos taken last December

Liliosa Hilao and the Martial Law (a scene from River of Exploding Durians)

[Photo] Roberto Bolano, Umberto Eco and Arivind Adiga. 9.90 ringgit each. I couldn't resist.

I can't believe these videos of mine are 10-12 years old already...

RIP Prince

WATCH: Woo Ming Jin's really funny IT'S POSSIBLE YOUR HEART CANNOT BE BROKEN starring fellow filmmakers Tan Chui Mui and Liew Seng Tat