Adventures in the Biennale College at Venice

We Have Lost Even This Twilight: Remembering my trip to Pablo Neruda's houses in 2007

The idea of attending a friend's wedding had always been...

Honen-in Temple and Junichiro Tanizaki

A stroll through Ginkakuji Temple and the Philosopher's Path

GLORIA & LEON, a video installation by Miwa Yanagi

Cheerleaders and Cosplayers at Heian Shrine, Kyoto

WATCH: Video of the 3 DOORS OF HORRORS world premiere

WATCH: 3 DOORS OF HORRORS 鬼節:三重門, a 45-minute horror omnibus film (featuring my new short film FLOATING SUN)

Directing 101 with Edmund Yeo

Introducing Ng Ken Kin and Leroy Low (the other two directors of the "3 Doors of Horrors" omnibus)