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Cannes Day 6: Lee Chang Dong's Poetry

Cannes Day 5: Abbas Kiarostami's Certified Copy

Nespresso in Cannes Film Fest

Cannes Day 4: Prof Ando brings us to nice restaurant

Cannes Day 3: Jia Zhangke, Wang Xiaoshuai, Kiarostami, etc.

Cannes Day 2: Finally saw some celebrities

First day in Cannes

My award-winning short film, LOVE SUICIDES now (temporarily?) online

Watch CHICKEN RICE MYSTERY online (a suitable film for Mother's Day?)

Singer Yui Ibuki 伊吹唯 performing in front of Shinjuku Station exits

Denis the Tap Dancing Painter

Another afternoon in Asakusa, then at the Lucie Rie exhibition in Roppongi


Met old friends. I realized I had an eventful year.