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Kazue Fukiishi 吹石一恵 at the Gegege No Nyobo 『ゲゲゲの女房』 world premiere

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20th Century Boys: Chapter 2 - The Last Hope 20世紀少年<第2章> 最後の希望

Why did you bring your kid to the WATCHMEN film?

John Woo's Red Cliff 2 赤壁 - 決戰天下 is rescued by Zhang Fengyi's Cao Cao

Thomas Alfredson's 'Låt den rätte komma in (Let The Right One In) is hauntingly sweet

Shimaka Sato's K-20: Legend of the Mask K-20 怪人二十面相・伝 starring Takeshi Kaneshiro and Takako Matsu

[TOKYO FILMeX] Love Exposure 愛のむきだし


[TOKYO FILMeX] Linha de Passe