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[Photo] Farewell 2016. It is fitting that I remember this year through photos from my upcoming film Aqérot, my short film Love is a Dog From Hell, and my end year trips to Busan and Tokyo Film Festivals. I look forward to another great year in cinema.

[Photo] Girl searching for a better future #aqerot

[Photo] Making an important phone call

[Photo] Boat's not in good shape.

[Photo] Cow's living the good life.

[Photo] Man and lighthouse

[Photo] Fried noodles express

[Photo] Cycling under the watch of Lord Buddha

[Photo] Stone pillars in the middle of the forest

[Photo] Morning flights are great for sleeping

Ryusuke Hamaguchi's 5-hour opus HAPPY HOUR

My love letter to Iwai Shunji's Love Letter

[Photo] Can't ride a bike here

[Photo] Houses left behind by time.

[Photo] Valley of Hope

[Photo] What's outside the window?


[Photo] Birthday cake for my aunt and cousin is the greatest birthday cake ever.

[Photo] Just a quick glimpse of Shibuya

[Photo] Late night laundry

[Photo] Tea ceremony at the Japanese Directors Guild party

[Photo] Endless tunnel

[Photo] Flight to Tokyo

[Photo] Wefie? Memefie? #isupportbiff

[Photo] Yes. The world is indeed a neverending film.

[Photo] Behind me (and this scenery), we were shooting a zombie scene. #zombitopia

[Photo] Mmm. Early film shoot.

[Photo] In this suffocating heat of Malaysia, this Fukuoka Zen temple I visited felt like a distant dream

[Photo] Bye bye Fukuoka

[Video] I had half an hour to cut together a reel, this was my attempt

[Photo] Had to complete my Fukuoka experience by having yatai ramen

[Photo] Yup, the very Zen temple constructed in Japan

[Photo] Shofukuji Zen Temple, the first Zen temple in Japan

[Photo] Having been drinking coffee nonstop since 5am, I feel like flying too. Good morning Fukuoka!

[Photo] Tenjin Chou Park, historical and renowned... Pikachu nest

[Photo] During the rain, Hakata Station is drenched in colours

[Photo] Flowers and trees at Ohori Park swaying gently. Then it rained.

[Photo] Discovering Ohori Park

[Photo] Saying hello to my first friend at Ohori Park, Fukuoka

[Photo] After Alor Setar, I'm waiting to fly off to Fukuoka

[Photo] Paddy field dance 3

[Photo] Paddy field dance 2

[Photo] Paddy field dance

[Photo] Soulful mountain

[Photo] Elephant mountain

[Photo] Drowning in an ocean of paddy fields

[Photo] Patriotism is such a faraway thing.

[Photo] A glimpse of Alor Setar Tower

[Photo] Poor girl took a train to Busan

Trailer of Asian Three-fold Mirror 2016 : Reflections (Brillante Mendoza, Isao Yukisada and Sotho Kulikar)

[Photo] Watching koi fish from afar

[Photo] Apichatpong Weerasethakul corner at the Thai Film Museum. You can see his film props and 2010 Palme D'or trophy

[Photo] I didn't know who Sugihara Chiune was until his biopic was shown in Malaysia few months ago. He was a Waseda alumni, this is his memorial.

[Photo] Entering the Hanazono Shrine

[Photo] Some serenity in the middle of Shinjuku

[Photo] Milestone Cafe at Takadanobaba

[Photo] New covers of Japanese literary classics are brilliantly blasphemous. #bungoustraydogs

[Photo] With Ultraman around, this park feels safe

[Photo] All Ultraman ever wanted was to play some pachinko.

[Photo] Don't remember seeing Tokyu Plaza Ginza the last time I was here

[Photo] I was finding Dory

[Photo] Yurakucho Center Building as night falls

[Photo] Kachidoki Bridge a few hours after midnight

[Photo] A pleasant afternoon, a nice view. The right place to play Pokémon Go

[Photo] Flyers and pamphlets advertising Chinese Opera performances in Malaysia. No Facebook.

Shohei Imamura's Karayuki-san, the Making of a Prostitute (1975)

[Photo] An exhibition of songs in different Malaysian Chinese dialects

[Photo] Happy belated birthday #MinaFujii @fujii_mina_0715 ! Our short film LOVE IS A DOG FROM HELL (co-starring #YukiKubota @yuki_kubota.0615 ) is premiering at Bucheon Fantastic Film Fest next week! #bifan #久保田悠来 #藤井美菜

Remembering Abbas Kiarostami and rediscovering his films

[Photo] Film shoot happening outside a traditional Chinese pharmacy.

[Photo] Two ladies hanging out at the park after midnight

[Photo] I stumbled upon some a top secret midnight mooncake picnic

WATCH: Woo Ming Jin's 2005 short film CATCHING THE SEA

Treasure trove of Andrei Tarkovsky videos

[Photo] Mayjune finding inspiration for her upcoming concert

AFTERNOON RIVER, EVENING SKY, my 2010 short film

5 scenes I loved in Wong Kar Wai films

Nicole赖淞凤【和时光拔河】 官方完整版 MV

Singaporean premiere of Woo Ming Jin's RETURN TO NOSTALGIA

Nicole 赖淞凤 【和时光拔河】 MV 30秒预告 (30-second trailer of a music video I did)

THE SECOND LIFE OF THIEVES go to FilmDoo! + THE SECOND LIFE OF THIEVES interview with Woo Ming Jin

[Photo] Mmm, good chicken rice place.

[Photo] Yet another Beijing photo from last December

[Photo] Superheroes everywhere...

[Photo] Walking past Meiji Shrine on New Year's Eve

[Photo] Another Beijing photo from last December

[Photo] Found some old Beijing photos taken last December

Liliosa Hilao and the Martial Law (a scene from River of Exploding Durians)

[Photo] Roberto Bolano, Umberto Eco and Arivind Adiga. 9.90 ringgit each. I couldn't resist.

I can't believe these videos of mine are 10-12 years old already...

RIP Prince

WATCH: Woo Ming Jin's really funny IT'S POSSIBLE YOUR HEART CANNOT BE BROKEN starring fellow filmmakers Tan Chui Mui and Liew Seng Tat

Cast and crew's Instagram posts about Isao Yukisada's PIGEON shoot

Photos from Isao Yukisada's PIGEON film shoot

[Photo] Old man vs group of thugs

[Photo] After shooting a scene at Youth Park

[Photo] Simple Penang meal

[Photo] Admiring the exquisite performances of Masatoshi Nagase and Sharifah Amani. What a joy to see them share the screen together. It's day 2 of Director Isao Yukisada's PIGEON shoot. #asian3mirror

[Photo] Yeah! We have just started shooting Isao Yukisada's PIGEON! #asian3mirror

[Photo] Ponderous pussycats

[Photo] Tempted by the food, but nowhere to sit.

[Photo] Hello again Penang

[Video] Buskers at Nasi Lemak Bumbung

Sometimes in life, falling in love is like being bashed in the head by a hammer


[Photo] Crawling behind a shopping mall

[Photo] Shibuya in the morning before I left Tokyo.

[Photo] ZARD debuted 25 years ago. Died too young. Sorely missed. Legend.

[Photo] Girl standing on a bridge

[Photo] An intense confrontation.

[Photo] Magnificent trees in shrine.

[Photo] Having our steamboat dinner soon! Happy Chinese New Year!

[Photo] Nice view. No viewers though.

[Photo] A part of the city forgotten by time

[Photo] Impressive row of motorbikes

[Photo] Busy morning market

[Photo] Busy morning market

[Photo] Location scouting! Let's make a great film together!!

[Photo] Landscape with no mist.

[Photo] Fast and furious in Georgetown

[Photo] Reaching the edge of Penang

[Photo] She was waiting for her ride.

[Photo] Sound of sea waves is always soothing

[Photo] Voyeuristic shot of a boat rower

[Photo] Under the sheltering sky

[Photo] Old house by the sea in Penang

[Photo] Morning in Penang

[Photo] Continuing my way to Penang.

[Photo] Hanae had newfound fascination for French New Wave films

[Photo] In Ipoh briefly for its famed chicken noodles.

RIP Jacques Rivette

Tony Rayns' open letter to the people of Busan supporting the work of Busan International Film Festival Director Lee Yongkwan

[Photo] Location scouting

[Photo] A policewoman told me that he took the best police photos.

[Photo] Felt as if I've traveled back in time

RIP Alan Rickman

RIP David Bowie // Space Oddities

Trailer of Woo Ming Jin's documentary RETURN TO NOSTALGIA

We Support Busan International Film Festival

This was how I ended 2015 and welcome the arrival of 2016