EPILOGUE by Amir Manor [Tokyo Filmex 2012]

MEMORIES LOOK AT ME by Song Fang [Tokyo Filmex 2012]

Photos of Tokyo International Forum at night. And autumn.

BAD FILM by Sono Sion [Tokyo Filmex 2012]

Happy 30th Anniversary, Mom and Dad

Songs sung by my mom 我妈妈戚舜琴的歌

Fascinated by THE THIEF AND THE COBBLER, an incomplete masterpiece 30 years in the making

I talk about horror films, ghosts, and Woo Ming Jin's short film DOUBLE (The Star, 26th of October, 2012)

Woo Ming Jin answers questions about his horror short, DOUBLE

Watch this: DOUBLE by Woo Ming Jin (co-written, produced, edited by me)

How I bought a ZTE ACQUA V880E (an obscure Android phone available only in Malaysia for now)