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The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

I'm Malaysia's Very First Video Blogger?

Peter Jackson's KING KONG



Photos Of China's Stunning Scenery! (Part 1)

The Obscure Cynical-Idealist reviews Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell in Swifty's absence

The Webcomic Dawn Yang Did (That Has Me In It)


'Perhaps Love' Film Premiere


I completed NaNoWriMo!

NaNoWriMo Deadline Beckons, I'm Slightly Anxious.

Lavazza Italian Film Festival 2005: 'Manuale D'Amore' and 'Cantando Dietroi I Paraventi'

Thoughts on 'Kiss Kiss Bang Bang', 'The Constant Gardener' and 'Elizabethtown'



美如天使的Dawn Yang抢了自己的风头!

The Bumper Book of Completely Useless Japanese Inventions



NaNoWriMo Progress Report (Day 12) Trying YET ANOTHER Fantasy Name Generator.

NaNoWriMo Progress Report (Day 10) I'm in 'WRITING' Mode, Not 'FILMMAKING' Mode.

Saying Farewell To Dawn Yang. XiaXue Is Pissed. Guestblogger Justin Is Happy.

NaNoWriMo Progress Report (Day 9)

In Defense of Fanfiction: Guestblogger Justin Goes Robin Hobbnobbing

NanoWriMo Progress Report (Day 8)

NanoWriMo Progress Report (Day 7)

Parallels Between Terminator 3 And William Gibson's Neuromancer

NaNoWriMo Progress Report (Day 4)

Junichiro Tanizaki - Naomi

NanoWriMo Progress Report (Day 3) Trying a Fantasy name generator

NanoWriMo Progress Report (Day 2)

NanoWriMo Progress (Day 1)

Joining NanoWriMo, here's what I'm going to write

I Announce the 'Chubby Cheeks Contest' Winner! The Queen Is Not Amused.

My SPEED mailing list is dead, I guess. Long live the SPEED mailing list.


Zen Mind Rape, Bitch!

Hitomi Kanehara and Risa Wataya. Young, pretty Japanese novelists.

NIGHT WATCH (Nochnoy dozor)

Xiaxue Probed Me.

My romance with Dawn Yang is doomed

Chairman Mao Explains It All.

A discussion on the beautiful blogger Dawn Yang.

Vlog: Hanging out with Kenny Sia

Finding Meaning In Films

My Friend Is A Reincarnation Of Xu Zhimo

Chubby Cheeks contest

MUST LOVE DOGS starring Diane Lane and John Cusack

Joss Whedon's SERENITY

Both Aisyalam and Hindi Short Film Projects Have Been Postponed. I'm stressed out.

The Aisyalam Project Is Jinxed.

Almost lost my eyesight. I Now Appreciates The World More.

Preparing To Shoot Hindi Flick This Weekend.

Lost my Hang Tuah. 'Aisyalam' Project Might Be In Development Hell.

Trasharama A-go-go Film Festival

An aborted fantasy novel project

I intend to make a Hindi short film


Are We TRULY HONEST When Judging Artistic Works?

Anais Nin - Delta of Venus

Wallace And Gromit: Curse Of The Were-Rabbit

Going To Make An English-Language Film Instead Of A Malay One. (Unless Someone Can Help With Translation)

Sky High

Planning A Sci-Fi Version Of The Hang Tuah/Hang Jebat Story

Almost Got ARRESTED While Filming!

Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children (better than Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within)

Ayumi Hamasaki Poetry

Pitching my Hang Jebat/ Hang Tuah sci-fi film to an actress

Bridget Jones' Diary Is Serious Literature.

Learning To Direct Actors

West Side Story: Homosexual Space Opera at its Finest

Utada Hikaru vs Mishima Yukio: Haru No Yuki ONEGAI

Taka: The Greatest Reviewer of All Time (J-MADNESS)


Why Alex Yong is Cooler than God.

Our Problem with NEIL GAIMAN

Farewell, Comic Fiesta

Tim Burton's Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

Oh, the things I had to deal with in an anime message board!

Paul Auster's IN THE COUNTRY OF LAST THINGS, William Gibson's NEUROMANCER, Sue Grafton's A IS FOR ALIBI and Kate Atkinson's NOT THE END OF THE WORLD

A GOOD WOMAN starring Helen Hunt, Scarlett Johansson and Tom Wilkinson

Hey Fandom, Up Yours!

Intend to do a Malay-language lo-fi sci-fi film.

Historical Events That Happened On 31st August. The Reliability Of History Books.

What Will Happen If Malaysian Independence Was Never Achieved?

My desired film adaptation of the Hang Tuah vs Hang Jebat folklore

This is my 'Malaysian Dilemma'

Fantasy-genre bandwagoners...

Revision of Kirksman87's "A Hundred Dollars"

The brilliance of Yasunari Kawabata

T.M. Umar's "avant-garde" tale of revisiting Malaysian Independence through time-traveling

Amusing incident while watching Pang Ho Cheung's AV

Creative works that made me want to LIVE

A wave of melancholy...

After Sending My Short Film To Tokyo, I Suffer From Painful Post-Creativity Depression.

What Nationality is my film?

An Amusing Email Regarding's New Rule. The Uselessness Of Online Petitions.

My Very First Acting Audition


Yes, I'm STILL A Filmmaker. Check out New Screenshots Of FORCED LABOUR

The sort of film reviews on blogs that annoy me

Console RPGs I Completed Throughout The Past Decade (1994-2005). (Part 3)

A COTTAGE AT THE END OF TIME (a novella written in 24 hours)

Blogathon Is Just 10 Hours Away. (BTW: Ligers exist!)

A Tragic Tale Of A Guy Who Was Hospitalized After Self-Circumcision

Book Aid International is the charity I choose for Blogathon

Lune making her first ever guest appearance in this blog

CRASH by Paul Haggis

The finest writers are those who read a lot

Found a partner-in-crime for Blogathon!

Filmmaking Dilemma, Suggestions needed

Console RPGs I Completed Throughout The Past Decade (1994-2005). (Part 2)

Console RPGs I Completed Throughout The Past Decade (1994-2005). (Part 1)

Nora Ephron's BEWITCHED

SEPET by Yasmin Ahmad, an important film in the Malaysian New Wave

Michael Bay's THE ISLAND

PREMONITION 予言 by Tsurata Norio

Re-editing and revamping 'Forced Labour', figuring my next project

Can Local Malaysian Stars Become Internationally Famous?

Turning my story, Snow Kiss, into a webcomic!

Just to clarify some things from my previous entry

The Malaysian Chinese Filmmaking Scene And Its Many Many Obstacles.