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My Grandmother's Love

Joe Wright's ATONEMENT

Ten Things About Men and Women

My column gives some basic tips on digital filmmaking

Conversation on 'National Treasure: Book of Secrets' with Sebastian

KURUS Production Diary - More production photos

Karei-naru Ichizoku (The Wealthy Family) 華麗なる一族

I AM LEGEND starring Will Smith

My mom has an iPhone!!

Umberto Eco - The Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana

A moment frozen forever in time.

Jet Li is really good in Peter Chan's THE WARLORDS 投名状

H2 ~ Kimi to itahibi 君といた日々(J-Dorama)

CHICKEN RICE MYSTERY! My first screenplay in 18 months.

THE GOLDEN COMPASS film adaptation

Chris Marker's La Jetée is awesome!

BEOWULF is okay, but I miss Robert Zemeckis' live-action films

Miki Nakatani's tour-de-force performance in Memories of Matsuko 嫌われ松子の一生

Attending the 25th Torino Film Festival!

Mad Detective 神探

More visual wizardry from Julie Taymor in ACROSS THE UNIVERSE (the soundtrack's good too)

KURUS Production Diary - Sleepless night of editing


Married For A Quarter Of A Century

Hooray, I have a cameo role in a NTV7 telemovie

KURUS Production Diary - 'Carmen Soo Day 2'

KURUS Production Diary - 'Carmen Soo Day 1'

17th of November. Mom's Birthday. A Memorable Day!

Annoyed By Ex-High Schoolmates Who Work In The Same Industry (Part 2)

Annoyed By Ex-High Schoolmates Who Work In The Same Industry

KURUS Production Diary - English Title Confirmed. DAYS OF THE TURQUOISE SKY

Rainbow Song 虹の女神 by Naoto Kumazawa, written and produced by Shunji Iwai

VIDEO: CONTROVERSY! Wiping butt with Malay textbook and censored little puppy in 'Flower In The Pocket'

In The Middle Of The Road, A Taxi Driver Died.

Liew Seng Tat's Flower In The Pocket 口袋里的花

Had the desks and chairs of primary schools always been so small?

Tokyo Friends: The Movie starring Ai Otsuka and Eita

In The Train, The Man In A Wheelchair

Haruki Murakami - After Dark

KURUS Production Diary - What Is This Film About?

Bullet and Brain 神枪手与智多星

Acting Auditions Are Guilt Trips!

Last Day In Taipei. Tried the Stinky Tofu!

Conversation on John Carney's 'ONCE' with Sebastian

Shilin Night Market and Pirated DVDs

Taipei 101, The Tallest Building In The World (... for now)

Trying understand Tsui Hark's career arc

KURUS Production Diary - Photos from Semenyih

Half-day Taipei City Tour

Taipei Film House, Ding Tai Feng and street vendors of Taipei

Raohe Street Night Market

Film adaptation of STARDUST, my favourite Neil Gaiman book

KURUS Production Diary - The Quest To Find A Skinny Malay Boy

Brothers 兄弟 starring Eason Chan, Andy Lau, Michael Miu Kiu Wai

Triangle 铁三角 by Tsui Hark, Ringo Lam and Johnnie To

Liew Seng Tat's 'Flower In The Pocket' Won 2 Awards At Pusan International Film Festival

'Dear Frankie' made me weep like a little girl.

Conversation on 'Brave Story ブレイブ・ストーリー' with DMJ


Goodbye old laptop. Hello new laptop.

The Detective C+侦探 by the Pang brothers

Happy Birthday to ME

The Sarah Connor Chronicles Pilot! Me luv Terminators!

My 'LUST, CAUTION' review quoted on Taipei Times!

Say Happy (Belated) Birthday To Justin!

Mogwai - Hunted by a Freak

'Nana 2' needed Aoi Miyazaki

'Lust, Caution 色,戒' (The heavily censored version)


Conversation on 'The King Of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters' with Justin

Royston Tan's '881: The Papaya Sisters 881: 木瓜姐妹'

Conversation on 'Bourne Ultimatum' With Erna

Judd Apatow's KNOCKED UP

Chillin' in Perth

It's My Little Sister's Birthday. Say Happy Birthday To Her!

KL Rhythm (A Love Letter To Kuala Lumpur) - An Abandoned Short Film Project

Conversation on 'Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone ヱヴァンゲリヲン新劇場版:序' with Justin

Chile (Part 9): Visiting Pablo Neruda's Last House - Isla Negra

Short film I produced, 'Blue Roof', world premiering at 12th Pusan International Film Festival

Guey Lun Mei elevated Jay Chou's 'Secret 不能说的秘密'

Ratatouille is a great Pixar film

Top Posts of August 2007

Chile (Part 8): Visiting Pablo Neruda's Second House - La Sebastiana In Valparaiso

Liked the 'Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix' film more than book

Chile (Part 7): Seafood Scam and Glamourous Awards Ceremony

NO RESERVATIONS starring Catherine Zeta-Jones and Aaron Eckhart

Speedlinking: MERDEKA! Malaysia's 50 Years Of Independence!

Chile (Part 6): Rediscovering Santiago And The Meaning of Film Festivals

Chile (Part 5): Visiting Pablo Neruda's House - La Chascona And Learning Spanish

Chile (Part 4): THE ELEPHANT AND THE SEA screening at SANFIC

Sifow - Love Spell

Chile (Part 3): Hu Shu goes missing before his I WANT TO DANCE screening

Chile (Part 2): THE ELEPHANT AND THE SEA screening got canceled!

Chile (Part 1): Arriving at the Santiago International Film Festival, meeting Leonor Varela!

RUSH HOUR 3 is not the best film in the series

'Vertical Distance' Screening at Malaysian Shorts (August 2007 Edition). I can't attend :(

'Vertical Distance' Screened at Jogja-NETPAC Asian Film Festival 2007


Flash Point 导火线

R.I.P. Ingmar Bergman and Michelangelo Antonioni

Oh! Mikey

Invisible Target 男兒本色