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Mannequins of Ginza

[VIDEO] Train Ride to Otaru with Dad

Christmas lights in Shinjuku 2012

Manoel de Oliveira turns 104 today.

I AM NOT THE WORLD YOU WANT TO CHANGE by Izumi Takahashi [Tokyo Filmex 2012]

EPILOGUE by Amir Manor [Tokyo Filmex 2012]

MEMORIES LOOK AT ME by Song Fang [Tokyo Filmex 2012]

Photos of Tokyo International Forum at night. And autumn.

BAD FILM by Sono Sion [Tokyo Filmex 2012]

Happy 30th Anniversary, Mom and Dad

Songs sung by my mom 我妈妈戚舜琴的歌

Fascinated by THE THIEF AND THE COBBLER, an incomplete masterpiece 30 years in the making

I talk about horror films, ghosts, and Woo Ming Jin's short film DOUBLE (The Star, 26th of October, 2012)

Woo Ming Jin answers questions about his horror short, DOUBLE

Watch this: DOUBLE by Woo Ming Jin (co-written, produced, edited by me)

How I bought a ZTE ACQUA V880E (an obscure Android phone available only in Malaysia for now)

The 1st Tiny Pupil screening @ Nara International Film Festival 2012

楊毅恆 冬天、最后的碎片 北海道短片展獲獎 (中國報) Edmund Yeo's LAST FRAGMENTS OF WINTER wins award in Hokkaido (China Press, 22/9/2012)

楊毅恆執導短片‧日本獲獎 (星洲日報) Edmund Yeo's Short Film Wins Award in Japan (Sin Chew Daily, 21/9/2012)

LAST FRAGMENTS OF WINTER receives Japan Tourism Agency Commissioner Award @ Sapporo Short Film Fest

The 1st LAST FRAGMENTS OF WINTER screening @ Nara Film Fest 2012

Nara International Film Festival 2012, I muse about Nara and "Yuanfen"

Short films about the March 11th earthquake and tsunami @ Sapporo Film Fest 2012

Exploring Otaru 小樽市

Hokkaido Selection @ Sapporo Short Fest 2012

The 1st LAST FRAGMENTS OF WINTER screening @ Sapporo Film Fest 2012

Arriving at the Sapporo Short Film Fest 2012 opening ceremony

Off to Hokkaido, a place I often fantasize and romanticize

This mysterious pile of CDs I have been going through...

On Borges, Eco, Calvino, Marquez... and McDull

7 x 7. 49th day of my grandmother's passing. Remembering a dream.

My homage to Chris Marker - FLEETING IMAGES (2008)

1-minute extract of my short, LAST FRAGMENTS OF WINTER

The old TVB dramas were really quite awesome

Mom and Dad were on the newspapers

Grandmother's Funeral

Letters to my Grandmother

A photo trip through memory lane with my grandmother

Letter from Byung-lock Min, outgoing festival director of Jeonju Film Fest

Yoo Un-Seong and the Jeonju International Film Festival

Remembering Sam Raimi's original Spider-man trilogy

Observing the observation deck of Haneda Airport at night

A movie leading to a dream leading to an imagined movie...

That's how the first half of 2012 ended. Lovely.

Interview with me on the Pia International Film Festival website

7 years ago, some guy wrote a novella in 24 hours

The Films of Edward Yang

Rest In Peace, Nora Ephron

ONCE UPON A TIME IN CHINA film series were cinematic masterpieces

BUDDYZ TV Spots (a TV series of 5-minute episodes I directed for Astro Ria)

10 great Father's Day films that you might not have seen

Discovering the world of radio plays (and dramas)

Rest in peace, Kaneto Shindo

Theo Angelopoulos mini-retrospective and documentary

Why film festivals matter to me

Ying Liang, James Cameron, The New Yorker

Ying Liang - A Chinese filmmaker's plight

BUDDYZ on Astro Ria

When what you desire in life bleeds into video games...

Film directing as a profession does not really exist

Instagram photos of the week: End of cherry blossom season

Thoughts on 31st Hong Kong Film Awards / Ode to Lau Ching Wan

My (stunningly beautiful, of course) Instagram photos of the week

Happy 80th birthday, Andrei Tarkovsky

Experiencing Japan's strongest storm since 1959

Remembering Leslie Cheung and Anita Mui

Sharing some episodes of ROAD TO AFA that I directed

Some nice scenery during my TV shoot

6th of March, 2012. Happy birthday to me!

EMPTY KINGDOM interviews me

Rest In Peace, Aunty Mak Fong 楓姨,一路好走

Regarding the Oscars...

Creative Spotlight: Episode #96 – Edmund Yeo (JAPAN CINEMA interviews me)

It's hard to direct a series of interviews with legendary Japanese directors when you are ill.

Jeppe Ronde and Woo Ming Jin's GIRL IN THE WATER (which I helped produce and edit) wins Best Short Film at Danish Oscars

Directing Life - article about me on Style: Magazine (Jan 2012)

2nd Q&A session. LAST FRAGMENTS OF WINTER/ GIRL IN THE WATER @ International Film Festival Rotterdam 2012

Talking about the short films LAST FRAGMENTS OF WINTER and GIRL IN THE WATER @ International Film Festival Rotterdam 2012

Rest in peace, Theo Angelopoulos

Two of my shorts, LAST FRAGMENTS OF WINTER and GIRL IN THE WATER at Rotterdam International Film Festival 2012

A simple reunion dinner @ my home (Chinese New Year 2012)

Hiroshi Teshigahara's films and Ikebana

My segment in '60 Seconds of Solitude in Year Zero' also mentioned in NEGATIV

I was mentioned in Hollywood Reporter's review of '60 Seconds of Solitude in the Year Zero'

Thousands of balloons in the air during the countdown to 2012 @ Zojo-ji Temple, Tokyo