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Thoughts on 2010, and its recap (part 2)

Thoughts on 2010, and its recap (part 1)

Yadako's Christmas performance

(VIDEO) Bowling games of great intensity in Christmas Eve

Bowling games of great intensity in Christmas Eve

Dubai International Film Fest 2010 Closing Ceremony

More snapshots of Dubai International Film Festival 2010

Exhalation's World Premiere

(Video) Colin Firth receiving Variety's Int'l Movie Star Of The Year award from Carey Mulligan

Dubai International Film Fest 2010 Opening Ceremony

Cinemanila International Film Festival 2010 recap

Returning to Dubai International Film Festival with my short film, EXHALATION

Student protesters crashing party in Torino

Museo Nazionale del Cinema (National Cinema Museum), Torino

Junko Kamata performing in Shinjuku, great voice, great songs.

Torino student protests remind me of Antonioni's Blow-Up

Torino Film Fest/ Film Lab 2010 recap (Nov 28-29)

Torino Film Fest/ Film Lab 2010 recap (Nov 25-27)

Back from Torino and Manila.

Yoyogi Park during Autumn Twilight

Red Pepper Girls (Korean twins) performing in Shinjuku

Nov 17, 18, 19... lots of birthdays of family members

I haven't vomited since '05...

A memory from primary school

Visiting Kamakura with Mom

Waseda Festival 2010

Re-introducing my short film, AFTERNOON RIVER, EVENING SKY

My films, LOVE SUICIDES and KINGYO receive awards at the Doi Saket International Film Festival

The last day of the Tokyo International Film Festival 2010

THE TIGER FACTORY receives Jury Special Mention at Tokyo International Film Festival

The 2nd screening of INHALATION + THE TIGER FACTORY in Tokyo International Film Festival

The 1st screening of INHALATION + THE TIGER FACTORY in Tokyo International Film Festival

Sylvia Chang, Wilson Chen Bolin and Lin Zaizai (again) at the Taiwan Cinema Party in Tokyo Film Fest 2010

Vivian Hsu, Yoshino Kimura and the Tokyo International Film Fest 2010 Green Carpet Event

She is from 2004.

PIFF2010 Recap: Receiving the Sonje Award (Best Asian Short Film) at the closing ceremony


Quick recap of Pusan International Film Festival 2010

Dancing with Juliet Binoche

Hamburg snapshots

My Graduation Day

Rest in peace, Zeg Zeg.

A death in the family

Babes of Tokyo Game Show 2010


KINGYO cinematographer Josha shot the new SPEED music video, Yubiwa

Catch KINGYO and a sneak peek of INHALATION at Malaysian Shorts, 20th Sept

First minute of LOVE SUICIDES at FILMINUTE 2010

INHALATION also playing at Vancouver and Tokyo International Film Festivals (with THE TIGER FACTORY)

INHALATION premiering in competition at Pusan International Film Festival

Review of THE WHITE FLOWER at J-FIlm Pow-Wow

THE WHITE FLOWER screening at InDPanda International Short Film Festival

Avenue of Stars in Hong Kong

I was Crossing Hennessy in Hong Kong

Visiting a horror film set.


Film shoot for a one-minute epic. Day 2

Film shoot for a one-minute epic. Day 1

Malaysia fattens me.

Ah. Catharsis.


My new video art project = Poems of Phyllis Lin Huiyin + Andy Warhol's Screen Test


Q and A session after the LOVE SUICIDES screening at Fuji TV, Odaiba

The opening of Skip City International D-Cinema Festival 2010

Kazue Fukiishi 吹石一恵 at the Gegege No Nyobo 『ゲゲゲの女房』 world premiere

3PM, a short film exercise

I have suffered so long for nothing.

I Wonder What Human Flesh Tastes Like by Justin Isis

Mitama Matsuri at Yasukuni Shrine 2010

Cannes leftovers

Last days in Brignogan

Sumptuous feast and fun party during last day of Brignogan workshop

Trip day in Brignogan

Sunrise and sunset, Brignogan-Plages, France


Brest, France. A travelogue of sorts.


Leaving Brignogan, France

Cannes Day 9: Moon Lai's Photoshoot

VIDEO: Talking about my new short, INHALATION at THE TIGER FACTORY press conference at Cannes Film Festival

Cannes Day 8: The Tiger Factory day!

Cannes Day 7: Pretty uneventful aside from the Directors' Fortnight Party

Cannes Day 6: Lee Chang Dong's Poetry

Cannes Day 5: Abbas Kiarostami's Certified Copy

Nespresso in Cannes Film Fest

Cannes Day 4: Prof Ando brings us to nice restaurant

Cannes Day 3: Jia Zhangke, Wang Xiaoshuai, Kiarostami, etc.

Cannes Day 2: Finally saw some celebrities

First day in Cannes

My award-winning short film, LOVE SUICIDES now (temporarily?) online

Watch CHICKEN RICE MYSTERY online (a suitable film for Mother's Day?)

Singer Yui Ibuki 伊吹唯 performing in front of Shinjuku Station exits

Denis the Tap Dancing Painter

Another afternoon in Asakusa, then at the Lucie Rie exhibition in Roppongi


Met old friends. I realized I had an eventful year.

Preparing THE TIGER FACTORY for Cannes

Behind a scene of THE TIGER FACTORY

Returning to Malaysia for 3 nights to finish THE TIGER FACTORY edit

THE TIGER FACTORY goes to Cannes Film Festival

My short films, LOVE SUICIDES and KINGYO will also play at the Singapore International Film Festival tomorrow (with LADYBIRD'S TEARS)

Ladybird's Tears, a short film I wrote and produced

Goodbye Cherry Blossoms

Road trip in Slovakia. Adieu.

Would I recommend another to join the film industry?

The 8th day of Chinese New Year 2010

Remnants of Jaya Supermarket

Welcome party (and cherry blossoms) in Toho Studios

Cherry blossoms in Toho Studios

Last workshop in Bratislava

Slovakian Sushi

More photos of Bratislava

I ate a lot in Bratislava.

Blooming flowers

Photos of Bratislava at night

I'm now in Bratislava, Slovakia

Chinese New Year 2010 Day Two

Petronas Twin Towers, the unclear future, and a traffic jam

Dad's birthday dinner 2010

16th of March. Happy birthday, dad.

Spent my birthday in the pig farm (The Tiger Factory shoot day 4)

THE TIGER FACTORY film shoot day 3

THE TIGER FACTORY film shoot day 2

THE TIGER FACTORY film shoot day 1

Chinese New Year 2010 Day One

Chinese New Year Eve 2010

A radio interview that almost happened. Almost.

Dilapidated buildings in KL had a strange charm

Twilight train in Shah Alam

Back in Malaysia, not used to internet speed